Elizabeth Cole

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Elizabeth Cole is Felicity's best and closest friend.

Basic Facts Edit

Name: Elizabeth Cole

Birthday: November 5, 1765 A.D.

Ethnic Origin: Caucasian English

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Sky Blue

Personality and Facts Edit

Elizabeth and her family arrive to America from England around 1774. Her social status is fairly high.

Elizabeth is referred to as quiet, shy, smart, and careful. She is rather petite, which earned her the name "Bitsy" from her older sister; this was a nickname she didn't like, and eventually she makes this known (Felicity Learns A Lesson). Elizabeth likes to poke fun at her older sister Annabelle with Felicity. She is much more practical than Felicity.

Because of her shy, timid, and petite personality, Elizabeth is often a target for occasional teasings and mockeries, especially by Benjamin Davidson, whenever he gets into occasional bouts of boredom, much to the chagrin of her best friend Felicity (Star Trek: The Next Generation - Souvenirs). Elizabeth is afraid of war in all its forms, which frequently leads her to dispprove of it, no matter what political side she is on. This type of attitude is made fun of by Ben, who occasionally calls her a "pussy" whenever she brings up the subject in a disapproving manner. As a Loyalist (or Tory), her political affiliation is often made fun of by Ben as well, when he rants out cusswords like "Loyalist bitch", and catch phrases like "Are you out of your Loyalist mind?". (In Star Trek: The Next Generation - Souvenirs, Ben pinned a sign that read "I, Bitsy, is a stupid Loyalist pussy". No doubt, even with all her shyness, Elizabeth didn't take it kindly, considering it insulting to a "proper young lady".) And as it so turns out, Annabelle is not the only person to use the nickname "Bitsy" on her; Ben occasionally uses it on her as well.(Star Trek: The Next Generation - Souvenirs)

Together she and Felicity are called "the merriest girls in Virginia" by Felicity's father.

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