Felicity Merriman
Felicity Merriman.


Felicity Merriman


21 April 1765



Portrayed by

Shailene Woodley

Felicity Merriman (born 21 April 1765) is the eponymous protagonist of American Girl's Felicity sub-series. She was the fourth Historical Character of the American Girl Dolls, representing the Revolutionary War period.


She's mostly a tomboy of sorts, as she was often fed up with all the things young ladies at the time were supposed to do, much to her mother's disappointment - like most girls of the time, they were expected to be skilled in handwriting, making samplers and table manners. She can be a little brash and foolish sometimes, like in Felicity Takes a Dare, but she's also a gentle, caring and trustworthy person, as she can sometimes be seen with her father at the shop.

Together she and Felicity are called "the merriest girls in Virginia" by Felicity's father.