Elizabeth Cole is Felicity's best and closest friend.

Elizabeth Cole

Basic Facts Edit

Name: Elizabeth Cole

Birthday: November, 1765 A.D.

Personality and Facts Edit

Elizabeth and her family arrive to America from England, early in the series, some time before the events of Felicity Learns A Lesson. In the books, her family is about the same social class as Felicity; in the movie, she is given a higher social class.

Elizabeth is referred to as quiet, shy, smart, and careful. Elizabeth is rather petite, which earned her the name "Bitsy" from her older sister; this was a nickname she didn't like, and at the end of Felicity Learns A Lesson, she makes this known. Elizabeth likes to poke fun at her older sister Annabelle with Felicity. She is much more practical than Felicity.

Together she and Felicity are called "the merriest girls in Virginia" by Felicity's father.


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